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about-bpo-asiapacific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) means using the services of professional external providers instead of hiring in-house employees, in order to reduce costs and focus on increasing competitiveness and developing an enterprise’s core business.

BPO, also called ‘enterprise process services’, ‘enterprise operation services’ or ‘operation outsourcing’, is a rapidly developing sector in many countries such as China, India, and the Philippines, among others.

Why BPO?

Cutting costs, increasing competitiveness and optimizing human resources are common challenges for many enterprises. In order to maintain general business operations, as well as service and product quality, enterprises must invest in production and service workers, in addition to administrative personnel.

In that context, hiring a partner to handle the general day to day management, payment processes, customer care, and data input is an effective solution that will allow the enterprise to focus on improving its performance in its core business fields.

The benefits of this solution are obvious. It improves work efficiency, reduces costs, and increases customer satisfaction. The enterprise also gains access to skilled human resources, the latest technology and high quality services at a reasonable rate, which will enhance its overall competitive edge.

Outsourcing business operations, especially accounting, personnel administration, salary management, customer relations, and data processing, is now the general trend for organizations and enterprises around the world. However, to benefit from BPO, businesses must ensure information security and the quality of the service provider, as well as the ability to easily connect and co-operate with the provider and continue business as usual without worrying about risks. Choosing a BPO provider that have security mangement system, continuously improved business process (i.e: LEAN, etc) and business continuity planning (BCP) is one important factor before the enterprise decides to use BPO solution.

What are the benefits of BPO?

  • Provides access to skilled human resources, modern processes, state of the art technology and the most effective and practical ways to manage your business operations.
  • Cuts management time and allows the enterprise to focus on running the business.
  • Offers flexibility for managing profits and supplies for developing the enterprise, while saving investment capital.
  • Allows the enterprise to maintain control of its projects and facilitates management.
  • Push up developing the environment, of which at the new processes are under the control and cost maximal reduction for the enterprise.