Quality, Process & Compliance BPO Viet Nam drives processes of the client with a clear focus to deliver quality.

quality-process-and-compliance Compliance is extremely critical for any business to run. There is a mutual agreement between the client and BPO Asia Pacific on how a process should be run and what quality control measures should be taken. Adhering to the pre decided terms and conditions form compliance.

Our clients are benefitted from compliance perspective when the business is outsourced to us. There are three major benefits by which the companies are benefitted.

  • The regulatory compliance obligations have become extremely demanding and expensive for companies. Regulatory compliance imposed under COBRA and IRS regulations are heavy on the pocket of the companies. To refrain from legal issues and financial liabilities, a substantial investment is required outside the core business area. To release from the above burden, outsourcing is always the preferred option where the focus of the client can stay on the core business productivity.
  • The HR resources need an upgrade of the systems and software from time to time. The investment in new technology is required after regular time intervals. For an individual company to incur such expenses after short durations can mean losses. By outsourcing, the expenses are taken care of as the upgrades happen as a part of the “best practice” in service delivery.
  • Companies with the global operations, integration in the systems is required like HRIS, administration and payroll. For global integration with quality control in place, outsourcing is the solution.

The data of the customer is well guarded with a limited access to the team working with us. The networking managers track the movement of the data from different centers. Only few members in the team with a higher efficiency level and designation are given an access to the customer data whenever it is required for implementing the client processes.

The infrastructure is well guarded with 24*7 securities in place. The identity of each and every individual working with BPO Asia Pacific is maintained with Human Resources department. While recruiting the team, the reference check is done before the agents are a part of BPO Asia Pacific.

The Information security management system is well in place to maintain the confidentiality of all the transactions that take care on the production floor.

The agents are educated on the rules and guidelines of the company before they are moved to live production floor. A breach in compliance by any of the team member leads to a direct termination of the employee.