Scanning & Doc Management Offering you a simplified process, designed to minimize repetitive administrative tasks and focus on the end result.

scanning-and-document-management The Scanning service of BPO Asia Pacific uniquely combines years of technological innovation with manual checks and balances to obtain 100% recognition.

The streamlined process of the Scanning service offers significant benefits for processing volumes of documentation, such as financial documents like invoices and bank statements; and other documents like legal documents and forms.

Our services are connected with a broad range of accounting packages. For the scanning of the financial documents, we offer standard connections with a broad range of accounting packages. With Exact on-line we are the preferred supplier of scan services and are directly connected to their cloud solution. All images of the invoices are directly available in your accounting software. If required, the digitalized information can be completed with a booking proposal.

We add value by offering you a simplified process, designed to minimize repetitive administrative tasks and focus on the end result:

  • All paper documents are scanned by clients themselves or by our scanning service.
  • Our scanning services will gather the necessary paper documents, scan them and return them to your office.
  • To keep pace with evolving platforms and formats, we also work with uploads of receipts/invoices made by an iPhone app or digital files sent to our scan service.

This brisk, efficient process helps you save time, keep organizational information up-to-date, and concentrate on driving your business strategy. In summation: we streamline administrative processes, with a focus on the end-result.

Cost reduction pressures, increasing regulatory compliance and demands for a closer alignment to the business are driving organizations towards new finance and accounting operating models. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of leading organizations are leveraging finance and accounting services outsourcing as a strategy to change their operating models. We offers outsourcing solutions to various clients that support end-to-end functions in a CFO’s office.

We provide the following image scanning & indexing services:

  • Image assessment
  • Filtering
  • Prioritization
  • Change detection
  • Automated feature extraction
  • Automated quality assessment

We also provide OCR Services by combining indepth business expertise and innovative methods. Different types of OCR resources utilized in data entry include:

  • Typewritten OCR
  • Hand Print OCR
  • Cursive OCR
  • Music OCR