Email Management With the easy availability of Internet, emails can be accessed by almost everyone.

email-management It is an easier mode for enquiries which are not too urgent but the customer expects the response at the earliest. For an increase in the business volume it is good to increase the customer service touch points.

Emails can have enquiries related to any segment of the customer service; at BPO Viet Nam we understand how important it is to respond to the customer in a professional and a timely manner. Our right recruitment process ensures that our team is well trained on written English and the clarity of the response.

In businesses there is a drastic increase in the queries/enquiries received from existing and prospect clients. The reason is that almost everyone can access emails very conveniently from almost everywhere and every corner of the world. There are no geographic restrictions.

Effectively handled and managed

The number of emails received from the clients is overwhelming but the main concern is the management of the emails. For the independent business owner that may be expensive and lot of time consuming affair. At BPO Viet Nam, the client processes are effectively handled and managed. We have the right resources to respond emails received from different parts of the globe in a very timely and systematic manner.

Missing on emails can be a business loss for the client hence it is a very important domain of customer service which must be paid attention. Addressing the emails at the right time can mean an increase in revenue figures of the company and a lot of satisfied happy customers who are looking for after sales service through emails.

Cost effective and Productive

With BPO Viet Nam managing emails is a very cost effective and productive outcome for the business. Responding to emails on the right time is equally important as responding with the right content. At BPO Viet Nam, the training measures and team with the right skill set contributes to an effective implication of the processes.

At BPO Asia Pacific, the email data is very smartly bifurcated, the data analyst in the team analyze the volume of productive emails flowing in, the data is categorized into the type of enquiries received. This assists the client to understand the quality of emails being received and for which product the maximum queries are received. Emails are a great tool for upselling as well.

At BPO Viet Nam, we understand the clients’ requirement and walk shoulder to shoulder to work on the deliverables.