Direct Sales Bpo Viet Nam is a leader in developing cost-effective face to face solutions that can deliver any type of acquisition or retention sales need for your business.

direct-sales Our Direct Sales are pioneers and leaders within the industry. We have developed a reputation for delivering clean, compliant, quality sales outcomes for both our clients and our customers.

Every year, We sells over 100,000 products to householders and businesses at their doorstep, and to consumers in retail shopping locations. As a business, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards -we recognise that the quality, motivation and performance of our sales people are the key factors to achieving quality sales outcomes.

To support these standards, we have developed a sophisticated direct sales model that balances performance with quality, whilst delivering exceptional sales results. Our recruitment, training, engagement model and compliance framework have been specifically designed and refined over many years to generate high volume, high quality sales for our clients.

We believe that there are a number of key factors for any business that is considering outsourcingtheir face to face sales channel capabilities – our strength in these areas makes we the partner of choice for many Australian businesses.

Our Direct Sales offering can be categorized into two key areas of expertise – Field Sales and Retail Sales.

Field Sales

We deliver high quality sales solutions to sell products door to door to consumers and businesses.
We are industry experts in converting cold prospects into customers.
We deliver compliant, high performing Sales Contractors through our engagement process, and offer our own field sales accreditation program to our sales people and facilitate their sales capability with continued in-field support
Ongoing rigorous compliance and quality assurance checks keep us at the forefront of Field Sales excellence in Australia

Retail and Event Sales

At shopping centres, airport terminals, shows and public events, our team are specialists at engaging consumers and making sales in high traffic retail environments
Every day, we sell products for a range of clients from over 52 kiosk locations in 6 states. We provide highly skilled retail sales specialists who work in both ‘pop up’ (short term) and ‘fixed’ (long term) kiosk sites. We know how to maximize results through retail kiosk design and placement strategies Kiosk offers a massive reach nationally, without the inherent cost of traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailing.

Our expert recruitment

The beating heart of any successful business is its people! As a direct sales outsourcing provider, we recognise that our people are our greatest asset – attracting and retaining the right people is the key to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Our people are focused on delivering great outcomes for our clients through our commitment to continuous improvement, and by developing reward and recognition structures that celebrate high achievement and link payment to performance.

We have developed a strong and proven people engagement model that delivers quality, control and flexibility. Our sales people and our Field Managers are engaged as contractors, with all management, support, recruitment and training resources engaged as employees. Developed over many years, this model allows us to closely monitor and control the quality and performance of our sales people and their output.

Whether your business needs 3 people or 300 people in the field, we have the experience, resources and knowledge to find the right people.

Reporting Solutions

We recognise that making face to face sales can be easy – delivering high volume, high quality sales is not!
Through a mixture of our payment structure, technology and administrative capabilities, we have developed a sophisticated compliance framework that ensures the sales we deliver are real, completeand have created a positive customer experience.

We have developed a Field Sales Management System that tracks all aspects of our Sales Contractor activity – the territory they have targeted, compliance, product and process information received, sales performance and complaints. This holistic business view allows us to quickly identify poor performance or quality issues, and to initiate remedial action.

All of our’s reporting portals are accessible with a secure online login, allowing our clients access in the office, or on the road.

Compliance & Quality

In addition to providing a superior sales solution, we has developed a truly best of breed compliance framework that underpins our field sales business and is the envy of our competitors.

Our contractor workforce have been providing services for over 10 years and we are proud of our reputation as a contract provider of choice. As such it is critical that the information we communicate to our contractors meets Fair Work Australia guidelines.

In addition to Fair Work obligation, we ensure that our actions, and the actions of our contractors, uphold all components of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Australian Consumer Law sets out a framework for how people must be treated during sales and customer service interactions and is administered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). We will work closely with you to decide how you would like to monitor your field sales force ensuring that best practice is achieved on a regular basis and all regulatory prerequisites met.

The ultimate solace for you is that we can deliver superior sales results, while not exposing your business, or ours, to disciplinary action that is largely avoidable. we provides you with the best of both worlds.