Lead Generation / Telemarketing It is an excellent business practice where the leads are generated at the back end and the front end sales team does the productive job of closing them.

lead-generation The focus is shifted from prospecting to processing. Telephone and making calls has been used as a great marketing tool ever since. With the changing economy, it is more economical to outsource the lead generation and work on the more productive part of closing the leads.

BPO Viet Nam works for you to provide you the fresh sales leads on daily basis. With us not just the cost of setting up your own infrastructure with a complete marketing team comes down but it majorly saves you with your productive time. With a strong sales team of qualified professionals, where the salary brackets are high, the last thing a company would want them to do is make calls to generate a lead which is not the perfect time utilization of qualified highly paid professionals.

Clearly the best way to optimize the sales is outsourcing the lead generation and appointment, by which the sales professionals can spend the quality time in presenting the company products and services to potential prospects

Outsourcing lead generation at BPO Viet Nam

We, at BPO Viet Nam, give you the option to either pay per performance or pay per hour. By the option of pay per lead (performance), we mean that we bill you basis the number of leads that are generated as per the criteria specified by you. We do offer a lead time to run a pilot batch to cover training and get an idea of how many leads are being generated per agent every day. By following this, an estimate can be concluded on the costing. By paying per hour, the billing is done hourly basis when the agent is working on the calling data. With the entire process the customization of the script is possible.

Features like call monitoring are available to keep a track on the quality of the calls being made. The data can either be provided by you or BPO Viet Nam will assist you with that. The measures for effective calling like the average time to take a call, the opening and the closing lines, the right use of the script is well tracked from time to time.

BPO Viet Nam has the right tools to perform the job right, not just the trained agents but also the sophisticated dialer and database management team.