Marketing & Advertising The main focus of any business is to have higher profits. At BPO Viet Nam we assist the client in product promotion and selling of products through different strategies.

marketing-and-advertising We are a contact center for the customer on behalf of the company. We have the solutions to come up with the answers to customer queries. Our outbound calling team identifies the new sales opportunity to maximize the revenue for a company. We offer custom made solutions to improve the sales figures and increase the market share of the company. We incorporate modern marketing tools instead of the traditional methods.

Our marketing and advertising techniques include telemarketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing for generation of leads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media, fax and sms marketing, website development, advertisement campaigns and media planning. We use intelligence surveys to enhance the presence of product in the market. End result is real time sales with real time marketing.

To meet the requirement if the client our team of marketing professionals are available 24*7 considering the marketing targets. We use competitive business marketing techniques to meet the targets allotted. The customer base is increased with a positive customer experience and the speed of the product is increased in the market.

BPO Viet Nam is equipped with a team of SEO specialists and strategic consultants to have the expertise in the production areas.

1. Quality Input
BPO Viet Nam has tremendous experience and we understand the business requirement. The aim is the success of the business and to have a long term relation with the client with more business referrals. There are high quality experts who work together on the success of the business.

2. Speed and Accuracy
The billing is done majorly on hourly basis, so the tendency to waste the time is reduced; focus is on productive results as the outcome needs to be justified. The speed of completion of the project is much faster than if implemented in house.

3. Cost effective
Flexibility to run on or off the existing running processes. You can try working on new projects simultaneously. You can have short term marketing campaigns or multiple campaigns for different products at the same time.

4. Work culture
We maintain an excellent work culture BPO Viet Nam. With RNR activities and recreational activities our team is always energetic and motivated.

5. Innovation
Since the marketing and advertising solutions are outsourced, there are more expert minds at work, this leads to more innovative ideas.