Recruitment Model Most appropriate recuitement model that brings to you the best of resources

recruitment-model BPO Viet Nam follows a recruitment model where just the best of resources are hired to deliver quality services.

We offer multiple services, not just that we hire for ourselves so that the best of client processes can be run but also we hire the resources for your organization.

The various steps of recruitment that are followed:

  • Selection of profiles matching the criteria
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Written English test
  • IQ Test
  • Face to face interview
  • Role play
  • Background Reference check
  • Final selection of the candidate by the client

At every step we determine that the candidate is fit for clients business and understand the work culture. The candidate should have excellent English communication skills, should be enthusiastic with problem solving skills and a team player.

As a part of the services when we hire for your organization, the various services that we offer are mentioned below. The recruitment services are outsourced to us and we act as a staffing agency.

  • We take care of the benefits of the employee like health and insurance benefit
  • We offer employee rewards and recognition
  • We do the talent and skill utilization of the employee
  • We train the employee to suit your skillset

Benefits of Employees

Effectiveness in Cost
There is a major benefit of cost reduction. At times in house recruitment proves to be more expensive for the business houses which can be greatly reduced by outsourcing recruitment. The cost for advertisement, screening and selection process is reduced. The responsibility gets transferred to the outsourcing agency.

Correct Utilization of Resources
The Human Resources employee needs to perform lot of activities. The time and energy of the HR resource can be saved from sourcing and hiring the right staff. The focus can shift from more critical areas of human resources function like employee retention, employee training and increasing the productivity of the staff. Client is involved in the process only for finalizing the already selected employees.

Database of Professionals
We have a data base of the professional and the profiles of people who fit different kind of roles. The data base is already available; the profiles need to be scrutinized basis the requirement of the client.

Customized Staffing Solutions
We are the expertise to provide customized staffing basis the requirement of the client. It can be a contractual or a permanent hiring basis the need of the role and the company.